Transverter Front Panel Finished


Front panel is done.  I might have to put the transverter on pause this week to build the easy rotor control board.  Now that the hexbeam is up I feel like I NEEEED to be able to turn that thing around from the computer 🙂

I got away from ham radio deluxe over this past year but their rotor control software looks nice and it would be really cool to click on a contact in the spotting cluster and have the rig tune to the correct frequency AND have the beam rotating to the proper heading.  I’m pretty sure DXLabs can do this too so maybe I’ll give that a whirl as well.

The ERC Board shouldn’t take too long to build so hopefully its a fairly brief distraction.

Transverter parts inventory


With the hexbeam project nearly closed out and some new DX in the log it’s time to turn back to the EME project.  Tonight I got all the parts organized for the base RF deck and the front panel.  I’m holding off on doing the 144Mhz specific parts for now so i don’t lose track of things.  I’m hoping to get some progress made this week.  It seems to take my mind off of work when i have a project to gnaw on.

After looking at this photo I’m starting to realize i might need to take some time to clean up the workbench (and maybe the rest of the shack too).  I should have done the close up of the parts instead.




Tower is up!

Larry K0CL came by Friday and helped limb a tree for me clearing the way for tower raising on saturday.  I had a solid crew of 3 non hams and KE0MMS.  The tower actually went up alot quicker and easier than I thought it would.

We all took a well deserved break for a while after.  K0MUK even stopped by for a bit to see what was going on.


After letting things sit until the early evening I cranked it up to the stops.


With no comments from anyone in the neighborhood and no nasty notes on the door over night I went ahead with my concrete pour this morning.


So now that it up I just need to get the hexbeam up there and get everything all cabled up.  I’m currently debating about running heavier gauge rotor cable or not.  I remember when i was trying to work MS on 10 with a temporary setup I was unable to drive the rotator  on extremely cold nights.  It’s been a long and productive weekend and I’m off Monday so I’ll most likely be trying to wrap up all the lose ends that need to be done before we set the antenna.  We have a decent forecast this week other than Tuesday so hopefully I’ll be in business soon.


Hex Beam SWR readings

I couldn’t get the analyser working last night but managed to sort it out this evening.  Even sitting on the ground things look pretty damn good I’d Say!

Hoping to get the tower raised on Saturday leaving me tomorrow to get some final preparations done.

Hex Beam Assembled

KE0MMS came by after work last night and helped me put the antenna together.  It went together pretty quick but we finished right as it got too dark to work.  Couldn’t have gotten it done before dark with out you Glenn.  Thanks!

I’m just hoping the weather holds and I can find some able bodied hands to bring the tower up this weekend.

Productive weekend but not for radio building

It’s tower building time!  I think i mentioned in a post this past spring that I received a tower from N0KE.  Well after a whole summer I’ve finally assembled all the pieces and parts I need (i think) to begin construction.  Now I’m racing the weather have we already had 2 decent snows already.

I dug the hole last weekend and yeas that big ass rock came out of the hole!

Since the hole was mostly done I pulled the fascia off which was in need of replacement anyway.  I was pleased to discover solid 2x6s behind it.  This allowed me to simply make a replacement fascia board and then shoot lags through both to hold a length of unistrut in place.  the triangular bracket to hold the tower against the house bolts to the unistrut.

I also got the concrete form built.  Now to make sure everything is lined up correctly 300+ times!  It’s a little stressful because i’ve never done this before and I’ve never poured concrete before either.

I’m hoping to get Glenn KE0MMS out here this week to help with assembling the hexbeam and maybe the mast assembly if he has time.  If that happened it’s “JUST” a matter of setting the tower on the base and setting the mast!

Oh and I’ve also been busy this weekend running some print jobs on the Anet A8.  Here is what it looks like now.


This thing is fun to tinker with.   I might try some antenna element brackets soon.  It’s what I’m thinking for a homebrew 2 meter eme antenna anyway.  Might as well practice!

That’s all for now.