I started this blog mainly as a notebook to document my project of building a portable EME (Earth Moon Earth) station.  My hope is to kit build or homebrew every component of this station.

The desire is to use the Elecraft K2 and 2 meter Transverter as an exciter for a W6PQL amplifier feeding a pair of TBD antennas.  There are some other pieces parts I intend to build as well.  I would like to GPS discipline the transverters oscillator and maybe use the same GPS receiver to offer NTP in the field.  I also have a receive preamp kit.  The figures on this are no where as good as an ARR preamp but it’s a kit!

EME Block Simplified

I would like to put the whole thing in a rack mount style road case and take the whole set up camping on some of the high mountain passes here in Colorado.

Oh and I’ll also occasionally blog about other amateur radio happenings and projects as they come up.