Tower is up!

Larry K0CL came by Friday and helped limb a tree for me clearing the way for tower raising on saturday.  I had a solid crew of 3 non hams and KE0MMS.  The tower actually went up alot quicker and easier than I thought it would.

We all took a well deserved break for a while after.  K0MUK even stopped by for a bit to see what was going on.


After letting things sit until the early evening I cranked it up to the stops.


With no comments from anyone in the neighborhood and no nasty notes on the door over night I went ahead with my concrete pour this morning.


So now that it up I just need to get the hexbeam up there and get everything all cabled up.  I’m currently debating about running heavier gauge rotor cable or not.  I remember when i was trying to work MS on 10 with a temporary setup I was unable to drive the rotator  on extremely cold nights.  It’s been a long and productive weekend and I’m off Monday so I’ll most likely be trying to wrap up all the lose ends that need to be done before we set the antenna.  We have a decent forecast this week other than Tuesday so hopefully I’ll be in business soon.


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