Productive weekend but not for radio building

It’s tower building time!  I think i mentioned in a post this past spring that I received a tower from N0KE.  Well after a whole summer I’ve finally assembled all the pieces and parts I need (i think) to begin construction.  Now I’m racing the weather have we already had 2 decent snows already.

I dug the hole last weekend and yeas that big ass rock came out of the hole!

Since the hole was mostly done I pulled the fascia off which was in need of replacement anyway.  I was pleased to discover solid 2x6s behind it.  This allowed me to simply make a replacement fascia board and then shoot lags through both to hold a length of unistrut in place.  the triangular bracket to hold the tower against the house bolts to the unistrut.

I also got the concrete form built.  Now to make sure everything is lined up correctly 300+ times!  It’s a little stressful because i’ve never done this before and I’ve never poured concrete before either.

I’m hoping to get Glenn KE0MMS out here this week to help with assembling the hexbeam and maybe the mast assembly if he has time.  If that happened it’s “JUST” a matter of setting the tower on the base and setting the mast!

Oh and I’ve also been busy this weekend running some print jobs on the Anet A8.  Here is what it looks like now.


This thing is fun to tinker with.   I might try some antenna element brackets soon.  It’s what I’m thinking for a homebrew 2 meter eme antenna anyway.  Might as well practice!

That’s all for now.

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