KIO Board complete and a new distraction arrives.

I’ve had this finished for a while but am just now getting around to updating.  This was a pretty quick build.  I’m guessing a lot of things are going to seem quick now in comparison to the base K2!

Once I got everything put together it was time to hook it up with the USB to serial adapter and test…


A few button presses on the face of the K2 and the radio outputs the current frequency over the serial connection as seen above.  Typing SW01; into the terminal makes the rig switch to the next higher band.  So communication works in both directions but I am seeing one weird thing that I haven’t been able to figure out yet.  As soon as I connect a terminal session the internal speaker gets muted.  I haven’t tested with other software yet but further investigation is warranted.

Since completing the IO board I’ve found yet another project to distract me…


I finished assembly of my Anet A8 on Sunday and have been working through getting started with 3D printing!

I haven’t had what I would call a successful print yet as the learning curve is a little steep.  Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be printing some upgrades for the printer itself.  I hope to eventually be printing some radio related things like project enclosures and antenna element brackets eventually.

That’s all for now.  73.


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