SSB Module finished and installed

The title kind of says it all.  Here is the completed module:


And here is the before and after install images turned into a GIF:


You can see the 2 unpcb boards come out and get replaced by the ksb board.  With the recent solar activity the bands have been absolutely shredded lately.  As a result I still haven’t completed a QSO but i do have a good audio report.  This came from the guy responsible for getting me into radio or at least getting me to be more active and not giving up on it.  Larry K0CL listened via a portable shortwave and said the audio sounded fine.  I tuned around a little bit trying to work some local guys on 20 but it was just too noisy here at my QTH.  Even though a few of them reported hearing “something” when i would transmit I wasn’t able to complete a contact.  20 was certainly not the best band to try this out on but that was the band the guys who were available to help test were on.  More signal reports to come.

It’s been a while since I posted so I feel like I need to say something about the eclipse since that’s the only other radio related thing I’ve been up to.  I finished the eclipse mob receiver some time ago but the software hadn’t come out yet so i didn’t have a way to make sure that everything was working.  About a week before the eclipse they finally released the android version with mention that the Apple version would be out “soon”.  After some weird intermittent issues I found my receiver to be working well enough but it was still pretty stressful to have not much time to troubleshoot.  My friend Bob KI0G who I gave the other kit do wasn’t so lucky.

The Apple software came out 2 or 3 days before the eclipse and we just could not get Bob’s receiver to work.  I think we probably had more than one problem but we just couldn’t figure it out in time.  If the software had come out sooner and we had more time to realize we had a problem and then fix it we probably could pulled it off.  Oh well.

I worked from home during the eclipse which was probably a mistake but there was just no way to get the time off at work.  Instead I was answering emails and calls as I was getting the receiver set up as well as working contacts for the eclipse qso party.  Here’s the receiver set up on the back deck.


I took a very casual approach to the QSO party and only worked 36 QSOs on PSK31 and FT8 all on 20 meters.  Between trying to make sure the receiver was running, wanting to actually see the eclipse and then having to go into the office after the eclipse there was no point in really trying to rack up the contacts.


As you can see 20 was hopping on FT8!

That’s all for now.  I’ve started on the IO module for PC control so I’ll have some photos of that next time and hopefully maybe some video of my first QSO with the new rig!



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