Resistance checks passed and all prettied up.

All the resistance checks were well within spec so I installed the standoffs for the expansion modules and boxed everything up.  Since I’ve used the unpcb boards I should not need to tear the rig all the way down again.  The idea is I build a module.  Install it in place of the unpcb board and I don’t need to rework any components on any of the existing boards since it’s already been done.  Most of them require some monkeying around in the menus of the radio but its largely a plug and play affair.  Since this should be the last time I went ahead and installed all the knobs on the face of the radio prior to the alignment (but after the smoke test).

I think she looks pretty!  And she sounds pretty good too.  The only band that was doing much of anything last night was 20.  These guys must have known I was going to put part of their QSO on the internet since they were talking about cats.

I also finished up my Eclipsemob VLF receiver.  Bob KI0G came over the other day and picked up the second kit from me.  He’s going to build that one and give it to another Bob K9MWM.  K9MWM is going to be in the path of totality during the eclipse so it will be neat to send one of these radios with him.  Before KI0G left he snapped this photo and I took a close up of the board.

Next up is final alignment of the K2 on all bands and transmit testing!  More to come soon

AD0TA  73





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