RF Board complete!!!


It’s finally done.  Sort of.  The board is built and the whole thing is ready to be boxed up for testing and alignment (After resistance checks).  I’m hopeful this will go a lot quick than the last time I got to a testing stage where I was stuck for over a month.

I still need to build all of the expansion modules (and I just ordered the 160M add on board as well).  Just to give a sense of scale as to what these are here’s a (out of focus) picture of the unbuilt SSB board.

20170711_220350Before I jump into building all of these accessory boards I’m going to take a little break and work on another small moon related project.

At Dayton this year I attended the HamSCI talk where the Eclipse mob project was mentioned.  This is an experiment to measure VLF propagation using the WWVB time station in Boulder, CO during the 2017 solar eclipse.  The project is a simple VLF receiver that plugs into the headphone jack of your smartphone.  During the eclipse the app (which is still to come) will record WWVB and insert GPS and time stamps with the data.  I fired off an email to try and be a part of this before the talk was even over.

I finished off the first half of the VLF project last night.  The antenna:


There are 100 turns of magnet wire per group and it is a serious pain when you lose count!  Now I’ll move on to the receiver build which is really just stuffing a bread board.  I’ll hopefully have some pics of that up soon.  This is a project with a deadline after all!

73 AD0TA






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