Testing and Alignment Part 2 Complete… Finally!

It’s been a while.  A loooong while.  As I moved into this phase I ran into trouble at the second major step which is testing the VCO.  I was expecting to see between 8 and 10 Mhz at the test point and saw nothing but some DC ripple.  Once I hit this wall I kind of took a long break.  It was pretty demoralizing to be honest.

Other things have happened radio wise since then.  After visiting my family in Ohio I went to hamvention in Xenia.  While I was there I got my cards checked by the JARL and received my All Japan Districts award.


10 meters has been open slightly more often so I’ve added a few new states on that band.  Current total is 24 now.  This is my biggest hurdle to my 5band Worked All States project.

I installed a new mobile rig in the Tacoma.  I’ve been enjoying some morning chats on my commute as well as playing with APRS.  I’m super happy with how clean this install turned out to be.


Reddit user skillet256 inspired me into trying something new.  I’ve ordered a kite and plan to do some kite portable operation in the near future.  As I was contemplating kite operation I started thinking about what rig I would want to use for this.  It took me an embarrassing long time to realize that the K2 in progress would actually be a great radio for this application!  Consider the fire relit!

Last night I corrected the problem with the VCO.  It turned out that a few of the leads on transformer T5 where not completely stripped.  After desoldering that transformer, re-stripping the problem leads and re-installing everything came right together.  Once again I couldn’t have done this with out the help of the Elecraft mailing list.  What a great resource!  After the VCO came up I did the VCO Alignment…

20170615_201157 and again everything is spot on!20170615_201213

All the way down the line!

A few more tests and calibrations and we were ready to take a spin on 40 meters….

I’m looking forward to getting the main rig done soon and starting in on the accesory boards.  I seriously can’t wait to use this thing kite portable while I work on all the other stuff I need to build for the portable EME station.

That’s all for now



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