Time for testing and alignment

Last night I completed phase 1 of the RF board assembly.  Phase 2 ends with a fair amount of components installed on the bottom of the board.  This includes the installation of the prewound BFO toroid (lower middle) and a couple of diodes added as over saturation protection for the IF circuit.   20170309_18415520170309_184216Phase 1 Top and bottom complete.

There are a couple of unPCB modifications at this point.  This is just adding the female headers so that the bypass boards can be plugged in.  You can see below that I have most of the bypass headers installed now.20170309_20561820170309_210505I have a few problems now with the fit of these headers along the rear of the board.  The 160 meter bypass board sits behind the bnc connector.  Unfortunately the bnc connector is too tall to allow the board to plug in.  You can see the orange proto wire used to jumper pin 1 to pin 7 which is really all the bypass header is doing in this case.  I need to look at the schematics because I’m almost certain w1 can accomplish the same thing if I install it.

The bypass for the transverter board suffers from a similar problem. It sits on top of a variable inductor and doesn’t seat nicely into the female headers.  This is hard to see if the photo below but it’s there.  I’m not too worried about this as I’ll be installing the transverter option eventually.

So with out further ado.  Here it is with everything re assembled.  Ready for testing and alignment in the next day or two.


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