Steady progress now

I’ve made it to page 59!  I spent some time pre-winding toroids to make this part go a little bit quicker.  Saturdays at work are usually unbearably slow so I put together a little kit with everything I need to wind coils.


I don’t normally wear readers but I find that they really help for this.  Especially when you lose count of the number of turns.  Over all I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.  Stripping the enamel off the magnet wire with a lighter and sand paper is definitely the way to go for me.  I’ve also installed all of the crystals and a few of the tunable inductors.  The board is finally starting to look a little bit more populated.


I’m following the unpcbs adjusted build instruction for this so if I decide to add or remove features it’s plug and play.  This requires a few addition components not included in the K2 base kit.  Unfortunately  I’ve realized I don’t have the few capacitors I need for the 160 meters bypass option.  I thought I might have them on hand but no such luck.  Another order to digikey where the shipping is more than the cost of the components!  If the shipment from digikey arrives quickly and I can maintain this pace  I could have a (hopefully) working 40M receiver by this weekend.  Here’s hoping!


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