Induction Junction

20170222_190018I hit a stumbling block shortly after starting on the K2 tonight.  The instructions on page 53 state that there are 5 100uH RF chokes included in the kit.  I only had 4 of the green chokes shown to the left.  After some searching around to no avail I dug through my parts on hand and I had some 100uH chokes.  Yay!  I looked a little bit closer at the ones I had and they have a silver stripe instead of gold.  That means they were plus or minus 10% where as the ones that came with the kit were +-5% of their value.  What to do?  I looked at the parts list in the back of the manual and i see 100uH chokes qty 4 hrmmm.  A few lines below this 100uH choke package type sub-miniature qty 1.  Now we’re getting somewhere.  A quick look through the remaining parts gave me no smaller green inductors but what I had previously thought was a resistor caught my eye.  Brown black brown is the color code for the inductor I was looking for but the body color was very much like all of the resistors in the kit.  It was fatter than most of the resistors so that was a clue but it could have just been a higher wattage.  I looked up the resistor color code (I’m lazy like that) and if this is a resistor it should be 100 Ohms.  I put the meter on it and it read 2.7 Ohms.  I think I found my inductor (I made a note of where it is installed in the manual just in case I run into issues down the road).  This is further motivation to get a function generator as measuring inductance should be a fairly easy task and would be a very nice thing to be able to do.

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