Page 52 complete at last!


Finally!  I’ve been stuck here for a little while.  I couldn’t find a few of the capacitors listed.  I had misidentified some of the values when I laid everything out in the styrofoam and a couple were correctly identified I had just missed them when I was looking for the cap.

I think the miss identification was a result of using my multimeter to measure some of the smaller value picofarad caps.  The extra capacitance of the multimeter leads threw everything off.  I should probably spend a night reidentifying all of the caps with the new meter.  Since the components can  plug directly into the meter it doesn’t suffer from the same problem as the multimeter.

This also finishes off the ICs for the base K2.  A few of these chips have been discontinued as through hole components.  Elecraft’s solution is to provide surface mount components on small break out boards.  The only bummer here is you need to solder on the the through hole leads.  It’s not a big deal but trying to get the self installed leads to seat just right on the RF board for final install is a bit finicky.

20170221_200115this is what the board looks like now.  Not much different but those little SMA carrier boards (there were 3 of them) were a bit of a time sink.  The other ICs dropped right in but they don’t really stand out in the photo.


Moving forward things should get a little more interesting.  Cyrstals, mixers and test points oh my!  There also looks to be the first round of toroid winding in the near future.

I also acquired a small 40′ crank up tower a week ago.  I’ll do a post on that and the plans for it some other time.

Until next time 73.

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