Transistors and diodes in


The thermistor board went in with out too much trouble though it’s going to be a tight fit when the neighboring components go in around it.  The diodes were easy as they only have 2 leads but trying to get the TO-92 packages close to flush on the board with their three leads took a little bit of doing.  They aren’t all as perfectly perpendicular as I would like but I’m going try not to let such a little thing bother me.  This completes construction up to page 52.  Next up is 68 capacitors.  That should make the board look much more fully populated.

I just bought a nice long run of coax and a new Yaesu rotor and cable.  I also have a lead on some tower sections for sale.  I might have a small 10 meter scatter station up and running sooner than I thought!




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