Back at it

I had some time to spend on the K2 yesterday.  This is where I’m at:


I’ve finished the first page of “Assembly, Part II”.  47 individual resistors and 4 resistor packs.  There were only a few modifications here for the rework eliminators.  One deletion, one changed value and one jumper wire.  I’m going to try and attack this in smaller pieces going forward so I don’t get tired and make as many mistakes.  While all of those resistors were a lot of soldering I still wanted to push forward and had to force myself to stop.  As I look ahead in the manual I’m glad I did.  There looks to be several places where I need to reference both the Elecraft eratta sheet as well as the rework eliminator docs.

In other radio news the new version of WSJT-X has been released.  The new version includes several new modes for both EME and meteor scatter.  The decoding piece of the software at least for the terrestrial JT  modes seem to have been much improved and I feel like I’m getting decodes further down into the noise.  My hope is to get a 2 element 10 meter beam built and mounted in the back yard temporarily.  This would allow me to try out some of the meteor scatter modes and hopefully fill in some of the states I need on 10 meters and get me more practice working scatter. With propagation being what it is (or is not) lately this is probably my only hope for finishing worked all states on 10 meters.

I’ve also gotten back on 160 meters working JT65b.  I managed to bag a few more states bringing my total up to 41.  Based on where I’ve been heard on  I shouldn’t have any problems with the lower 48.  AK and HI are going to maybe require some more extraordinary means when it comes to an antenna.  As it is right now I’m using a Kenwood AT-130 to present a nice 50 ohm load to the transceiver but the swr between the antenna (a G5RV) and the trans match are just terrible as you would expect.  On the receive side I’m using a Pixel Loop on a rotor which knocks the noise down a bit.  I can also null out some local noise sources off the edge of the loop.  Somehow I’m managing to get enough power out with this lash up to be mildly effective.  The last QSO that I confirmed on 160 was N1UVK in Maine.

If it’s stupid and it works it’s not stupid!

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