It Lives!


And I live.  It’s been a while…

I finally had some time to work on the K2 today and I’m happy to report that I’m back on track!  I ordered an El Cheap-O desoldering station on ebay and I am damn glad I did.  You’ll see in the last post that I was not getting any display on the LCD.  The problem was that the solder joints I needed to inspect were under the LCD.  I was able to cut the LCD out with no problem  but the back light was another story.  The back light comes with some spacers that I stupidly chose to leave in place.  The solder must have wicked up the plated holes and no matter what I tried it was not going to budge.  The vacuum desolderer made short work of that problem!

Once the LCD and back light were removed the problem revealed it self in short order.  Pin 9 on the LCD controller looked more than a little suspect!

Turns out pin 9 on an PF8566 is part of the I2C bus so it makes sense that nothing was being displayed but all other measurements indicated things were functioning fine.  After reflowing that pin and a few others (just to be sure) I reassembled everything and got what you saw at the beginning a working display!  The other testing went well.  All of the relays click when they are supposed to and nothing caught on fire.  The optical encoder for the large tuning knob didn’t work at first but I just reheated all the joints there and then it worked just fine.  I think my new spool of solder flows a lot better than the old rat shack stuff I had.  On to initial alignment followed by RF board population!  The next test after this should net me a 40M receiver!

73,                                                                                                                                                               AD0TA

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