Control Board Nearly Comlete / The First Mistake

As you can see the Control board is nearly complete.  I put a fair amount of time in on Sunday and now the only things left are to add the key shaping components on the back and to fix a stupid mistake I made.


That IC in the lower left corner is in the wrong spot.  You can see there is a spot to the left of the MCU where I was supposed to put it.  I spent some time trying to unsolder this both with braid and a solder sucker and had no luck.  I’ve ordered some ChipQuik from amazon but it won’t be here until tomorrow.  I’ve never worked with this stuff before but it seems easy enough after watching some you tube videos.    Once that is removed the chip will be relocated to it’s proper location and a small SMA chip that is on a carrier board will go there.

This also marks the first deviation from the elecraft instructions in favor of the unpcbs instructions.  You can see the 5 and 3 pin  female headers to the right to the 36pin header.

All in all I’m happy with the progress but super disappointed with this mistake.  I’m a little worried that I may have damaged this IC with all the heat trying to unsolder it.  I guess I’ll (hopefully) find out when I do my resistance checks at the very very end.

73 for now.


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