A little bit of progress

Not as much progress as I would have liked last night but I’m still plowing through the control board.  There are ALOT of fixed value capacitors.  I’m slightly more than 1/2 way through the list.


Probably no work on the K2 tonight as I have other commitments but I’ve been thinking about what antenna I’m going to try to build.  I think I’ve landed on a W5UN quagi 97.  Its designed for 11 elements on a 24ft boom and provides 13.56dBd of gain.   My initial build will probably be with PVC to hopefully be able to shorten the boom so it will fit in the bed of the truck.  If that doesn’t work W5UN has provided the dimensions for a metal boom.

I’ve decided Ill probably just use an armstrong rotator.  It’s one less system to try and figure out and I don’t see any need to have the antenna  way up in the air.  A protractor or inclinometer on the boom and a compass should hopefully be sufficient for bearing readings.

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