K2 arrival and begining assembly

The K2 arrived yesterday and now my thoughts turn from excitement to holy crap what have i gotten myself into!?


3 boxes full of boards and components this is going to be fun.

I spent probably an hour and a half going though the documentation and consolidating all of the the errata and the unpcbs.com construction notes.  I’m trying to be as through as possible so I don’t miss anything along the way.

This includes doing a parts inventory.  Instead of doing an inventory of the entire kit all at once I’ll just be doing the individual parts bag as it is called out.  Here is the control board parts bag laid out for inventory.


It was starting to get late but I couldn’t resist at least getting started so I got through the first batched of fixed value resistors and one pot.  The resistor packs are interesting a common ground on pin one and a fixed value of resistance on the remaining pins.  This is where I ended up last night at about 11:30pm.


More to come later.  I’ll do a post on my over all station plan and maybe some antenna designs I’m considering with my next progress report.



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