K2 Ordered!

6 beers deep and I placed the order for the K2 and the 2 meter transverter!  here is what i ended up with:

1     K2 HF Transceiver
1     K2 60M / Xvrtr Intf. Option
1     K2 AUX I/O RS-232 Interface
1     K2 SSB Option
1     Univ. Ser Bus Adapt.
1     2 Meter Transverter Kit
1     Crystal Oven for XV Series

I’ve never spent this much money on something i need to put together so it’s a tiny bit nerve racking but I feel i’m up to the challenge.  There are a lot of optional boards for the K2.  This isn’t a problem when you know exactly what features you want to build into your rig from day 1.  The problem comes in after you have the rig completed and you change your mind and decide you want to add something.  This isn’t a huge deal but entails opening up the rig (obviously) and desoldering some components, adding others and adding jumpers (or all of the above) to the main rf board.  As an alternative to this unpcbs.com created some boards that will allow me to follow a slightly different version of the build.

I’ll build the K2 like every option is installed and if I decide to add a feature at a later date I’ll be able to simply pop out the bypass header and plug in the new module with no desoldering, component adding or jumpering.  I’m still not sure if I want to add the Audio Filter or try to find the discontinued DSP board (or add 160M or an amp) and this facilitates that.  The point is, this offers a lot of flexibility and removes some of the doubt around picking options on a kit this expensive.  The problem here is unpcbs.com doesn’t make these headers any more.  When i emailed them they suggested i post on the elecraft email reflector.  So I did…

A huge thank you to Bob N1CVX who responded to my call and is sending me a set of rework eliminator bypass headers from unpcbs.com.  Bob offering these to me was totally a tipping point for placing my order.  I’d almost certainly be hemming and hawing about the order.  In fact I took his generosity as a sign that this hair brained kit / homebrew EME journey was destiny and went ahead and ordered the transverter too.  I hadn’t initially planed on that this soon.

In for a penny in for a pound!

Thanks also for the liquid courage Sam Adams Rebel IPA 🙂


73                                                                                                                                                                AD0TA




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